Working from Home

We're stronger when we act together in the public service.

Union members can ensure worker's voices are respected in the discussion about the right balance of working at home and at the office. 

What's happening in your agency?

Flexible work is a right won by union members. It's a critical time in determining whether public servants will be able to maintain meaningful access to working from home. 

The current announcement on returning to the office from Government means that agencies need to formalise individual flexible work arrangements and develop policies to provide a balance between working at home and working in the office. 

Some agencies are using this announcement to stop public servants from accessing their right to flexible work and trying to unreasonably refuse individual flexible work arrangements.

Only union members will win fair and reasonable access to working from home.  Together is standing up for the rights of public servants by collectively negotiate with agencies where staff are being denied reasonable working from home arrangements. 

It's important that your union knows what decisions are being made at the local level when it comes to flexible work arrangements to build a collective response to these decisions.